Quality - Analysis

MAA conducts extensive quality testing on all its products from souring and sorting of raw materials right through to the final product. At MAA we believe in preventive measures, not corrective actions through TQM and TPM methods. This is achieved by employing tools and techniques that are compliant with international standards, such as JISH, ASTM, BS, AS & DIN. All products are analysed for metal composition using advanced Spectrometer, Vaccum pump for porosity testing, microscopic observation and 'K' mould testing. MAA ensures that adjustments and modifications are carried out as required by the Quality Control Department and to meet customers' specific requirements. Our quality is second to none and our growing customer base is testimony to our performance & existence.



We combine our material resources, industry knowledge and service capabilities to provide your most complex and demanding requirements. We carry stock of standard specifications as well as producing a broad range of customised products to meet your requirements at competitive prices. Our pricing mechanism is very tranparent and reflective of basic mutual price movements and conditions.

The MAA Charter

MAA pledges to go beyond conventions to serve customer needs with key focus on the three MAA success factors: Quality, Cost and Delivery.

Continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and quality enhancement is the very essence of MAA's work culture. Utilizing state-of-the-art, computer controlled laboratory analysis equipments and proven statistical process control methods, MAA consistently produces aluminium products of the highest quality. To further demonstrate this commitment to quality, MAA is ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified.

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