Malaysian Aluminium & Alloys Sdn Bhd

MAA was founded by Dato’ MuthuKumar Ayarpadde ,who also serves as  Executive Chairman of the company .MAA comprises experienced and well trained work force. Our smelting plant commenced operation in 2004 with an annual capacity of 12,000MT.In 2006  the annual capacity was increased to  21,600MT due to increased customer’s demand for our product with installation of TRF (Tilting Rotary Furnace) which employs technology from Australia and France.MAA is one of the leading aluminium smelting company in Malaysia, the plant situated in Taman Preindustrian  Mahkota,Bernang,Selangor.Our  main business is to manufacture aluminium alloy ingots, of which 70% covering domestic market and 30% export market


MAA's main purpose is to build quality into a product throughout production process. This would help us to work consistently improve quality & productivity .Thus MAA employs the best techniques in the industry to ensure consistent quality standard and cost benefit to our customers.


MAA’s committed itself to on-time delivery, at all the time. We achieve this by managing an organization that is 100% integrated to the local and international logistic networks. We believe in an efficient supply chain that creates opportunities and savings for a win-win situation for both customers and suppliers.

Environmental Friendly
 “The Greener Environmental Solution

To be a role model as an environmentally and socially accountable resident, MAA offering inventive commodities and services with utmost standards of professonalism.MAA adopting 3R concepts “Reduce ,Reuse, Recycle” method to Conserves Energy and Environment.




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